Why Summer Wedding and the Why Not Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding photos

The Pros and the cons of Summer Wedding

1. The range makes all the distinction in the quality of a wedding, not only on your own but your visitors too. With summer season wedding events, the menu and catering become all sorts of enjoyable. “There are a lot of different options; a lot of menus use regional cheeses, fruits are ripe and harvested, and meats are fresh.” – Leo and Jenny Ng, our featured wedding couple last summer. 


2. Summer season days are tough to beat, and summertime nights are even harder. Daytime lasts till sometimes 9 p.m. depending on the month and area, which enables great flexibility in scheduling an event time. There’s no rush on time or pressure to obtain all your photos taken in a short time frame, and the weather condition stays comfortable at night for everybody.

3. Comfy weather condition after the sun goes down allows for some innovative spins. You can light a fire and have s’mores at your reception under the stars, as well as hang streamed lights to keep the party sticking around longer. With the best flash and devices, your photographer will have no problem properly recording these moments.

4. Summer is ideal for night owls since you’ll want to prevent the hottest hours of the day anyhow. Leo says, “In the hot heat, you need to bear in mind your visitors and not plan an event at the hottest time of day. Try an event at 6 or 6:30 p.m. and serve supper after.”

5. Floral accessibility is in perfect timing. Whatever you’ve been pinning on your Pinterest board is available– and more. There’s a flower for each color pattern, and it’s in ideal blossom, which suggests you will plan to crave. Keep thinking about that arrangement you’ll be strolling down the aisle with since it’s as perfect as you’re imaging it will be.

The Why NOT Summer Wedding

1. Heat it constantly something to be familiar with when picking a summer wedding. Leo states, “There is absolutely nothing even worse than seeing a bride-to-be sweat off her hair and makeup in the heat, especially in 100 plus degree weather.” We have no idea any bride-to-be who wants to look oily or shiny in her forever-to-remember photos.

2. Besides the bride-to-be losing her full-face protection, heat is distracting and can be difficult to handle when it boils down to guests. “It’s so hard to keep people focused and comfortable depending on the intensity of the temperature level,” states Leo.

3. Presence is constantly a gamble when it comes down to those friends who are devoted summer season tourists. Visitors you want to might have currently invested substantial quantities of money on their family holiday or abroad adventures and will not be able to watch you stroll down the aisle. Carefully consider who is most important to you and your groom to be there– and get your save-the-dates out there early.

4. Much shorter engagements can work in many situations, but a summer season wedding requires longer lead time. If you get engaged right at the end of spring or start of summer season, you will likely not have adequate time to plan a wedding that very same summertime. Leading suppliers will be booked months in advance, and you’ll have to settle for whatever is left. Offer yourself a lot of time to make correct arrangements for a summer season wedding event, and have a yearlong engagement if needed to execute your dream wedding.

5. Summer season indicates sunshine, and that suggests harsh lighting for your images. It will be more challenging to be photographed in areas you may have imagined throughout your ceremony, reception, or for your bridals, and not all images can be remedied. Thoroughly consider this, as your pictures are exactly what you’ll have to remember your day by.