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Greetings to everybody who wants to weave in Spring 2017!

Yes, Pitbulls and Posies — my blog site about knowing, mentor and sharing are still here. Although I have not included a post for TAPESTRY in an l-o-n-g time, we check in now and then to the other blog authors we have. Charles Simon has been good about sharing ideas, like in the last post– thanks for doing that, Charles!

Charles is a blog author of smart home automation website; he casually contributed ideas and writing to the Wedding trends of 2017 which was the topic from last January. I know, he just recently gotten Married!!!

So … here’s a refresher about what this blog site has to do with Tapestry. It’s something I began a few years earlier in the hopes that a few of the people from Tapestry 101 I have had in classes and others among the tapestry weaving neighborhood might have a place to share their knowing and teaching adventures.

I have made some posts about tapestry techniques as well as with suggestions about yarn options, finishing techniques, and other things. I attempt to keep a link list to those in the side margin, so they’re simpler to discover. I have noted classes, blog sites, websites and other things from various tapestry instructors.

There’s lots of information on the internet for tapestry. Among the notable sections to begin your internet search for tapestry information is on the link list on the American Tapestry Alliance website. There’s constant space for improvement in anyone’s abilities and understanding and much; maybe most, of that enhancement comes with experience. I believe it’s good to see exactly what’s out there, attempt some things that resonate with one’s working procedure– as well as check out things that might be unknown.

As far as mentor adventures go, Spring Concentration is the most awaited class this year. Our class is called Weaving: a Discussion, and we hope it will indeed be that for everybody who’ll be there with us. The class is complete, and it appears to be included in a variety of experience levels– which is simply fantastic.

Here’s the description we will be providing for the class:

Tapestry weaver and The class will concentrate on model making and share and explain all their experiences about weaving. The Class will be open to weavers, beginners or expert. Plus, artists of all types and at any level. Both instructors are former college teachers and have the extensive understanding of weaving in all its types. This is a good chance to partake in a studio where advanced weavers in addition to amateurs are motivated to learn from each other as they explore woven structures for methods to create images. The craft will be done on tapestry looms, and flooring looms. Whatever (practically!) possible in a “weaver” method will be checked out.

Here’s to a prosperous New Year of tapestry to everyone! I want to share more about my experiences in tapestry mentor and knowledge in 2017!

For more information about American Tapestry Spring Classes this April, watch this video:


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