Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

How to make a Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

These DIY wood piece accessories are an easy way to make your tree accessories. Utilize a preferred paper napkin in any pattern or color to make custom-made accessories that match your Christmas decorating design.

Easy DIY Wood Slice Ornaments using decoupaged napkins!

Do It Yourself Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

Unique Christmas ornaments can get pricey … rapidly. By going the DIY path, you can save money for other Christmas decor and get the precise custom-made ornaments that you want. I enjoy decoupaging them because your design choices are just limited by the holiday napkin choice at the store.

I utilized smaller wood rounds for this craft since these ornaments were made for a tiny tree. But, don’t hesitate to use wood rounds of any size or thickness you like. If you enjoy wood round crafts, make certain to have a look at these Reversible Seasonal Wood Round Crafts– perfect for transitioning in between the seasons.

These decoupage wood piece ornaments are a simple method to make your very own tree accessories. Use napkins in any pattern or color to make custom ornaments.

PRODUCTS NEEDED TO MAKE Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

Little craft wood rounds (These are readily available in the unfinished wood aisle of your craft shop. You can buy ornament rounds with holes pre-drilled. Otherwise you can drill holes yourself.).
Matte decoupage glue (like Mod Podge).

White acrylic craft paint.
1-inch flat paintbrush.
Decorative patterned vacation napkins (2-ply).
Fine grit sandpaper.
Twine or ribbon.

Wood Slice Ornaments Step 1.

HOW TO MAKE Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

Step 1. Paint one side of the wood with white acrylic paint. You can paint all the method to the wood slice edge, but I choose to finish painting at the edge of the ring. Let the white paint dry totally.

Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

Wood Slice Ornaments Step 2.

Peel the layers of the decorative napkin, and dispose of the bottom, unpatterned layer. Cut a small square of the napkin, a bit larger than the wood round.

Apply glue over the white paint. Don’t make the layer too thin. Otherwise, the napkin paper will bubble and wrinkle. Smooth the small napkin square over the decoupage glue. Smooth out any bubbles. Let the decoupage glue dry totally.

Wood Slice Ornaments Step 3.

Use sandpaper to gently eliminate the excess napkin paper, smoothing the edges of the wood round.

Wood Slice Ornaments Step 4.

Seal another layer of decoupage glue, and let dry entirely.

Add a piece of twine or ribbon to hang the wood slice accessories. You ´will require utilizing a pointed item to make a hole through the napkin if your wood rounds currently have holes drilled in them.

An enjoyable Christmas craft for almost any ages- DIY Wood Slice Ornaments.

Personalized Sliced Wood Ornaments

I used these small woods to make mini ornaments for a small tree that my kids prefer to embellish. They also took pleasure in being able to decorate a few of their wood rounds, so don’t hesitate to get the whole household included in this craft!

Wood Slice Ornaments.

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