DIY Wedding Photo Booth with Polaroid Zip

Most Fantastic Wedding Foto Booths

One way to celebrate Wedding nowadays is to have Fun in the Photo Booth. It is economical and very easy to make, the main point is to get good pictures while having fun, develop the pictures to put in the Dedication Book/Guest Book. The others are for Social Media’s sake.

Here are the DIY Wedding Photo Booth Tutorial

1. MAKE A BACKGROUND. Your backdrop does not need to be elegant and complicated. Start with a blank strong color wall. White. Black. Blue– whatever. If you want a pattern– have a pattern. If you want a mountain landscape, do it. It is advisable if you want to have a video to make a 6×4 feet background, to match any video format horizontally. You can either you can just buy ready made cheap backdrop stands such or create your own backdrop to a wall using a gaffer’s tape.

2. PROVIDE AS MUCH LIGHT AS POSSIBLE. Instead of fiddling with any camera flash setup, just make sure your cubicle is properly lighted up. This is not going to be a problem if your reception is during the day. If you need to bring in spotlights and plug them in– do it.

Note: the lighting does not need to be always in white light either. You can have colored lights like red, green blue, etc.

3. GET SOME PROPS. Props. Toys. Outfits. Whatever you believe will make it more fun and exciting for your visitors. The weirder, the much better. Always. Except for feather boas. NO FEATHER BOAS. Ever. (They’re simply too messy.)

Props on the Foto Booth


Perhaps you don’t want to be those individuals with a hashtag for their wedding. However, it’s fine! A hashtag is one way to gather and discover ALL the pictures that people took at your wedding. And they’ll probably publish their photo booths pictures on social networks anyway– so you’ll want them to utilize your hashtag! (Because otherwise there is no other way to get your copy of these image cubicle pictures.)

Important: If you have a Wedding Website, ask your guests to UPLOAD ALL THE PICTURES inside!

5. PRINT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WITH Polaroid ZIP Handheld Printer with ZINK Zero ink-free printing technology – Compatible with iOS & Android devices.

This printer makes it possible for anyone with a mobile phone to print their photos right on the spot at your wedding reception. Sure you need to purchase the film cartridges, however, depending on the number of your visitors, you’ll spend less than hiring the services of an expert.

For on the go Printing Tutorial, watch this Video:

After downloading the app, connecting via Bluetooth, printing pictures, and Image booth is done!

NOTE: GET A VIDEO CAMERA. For an even easier getting film because of you already setup a great backdrop and great deals of light. Guests can either take images selfie-style or have the person behind them in line take a quick photo.


This is an easy way to get all the guests give a dedication letters to the couple on the spot. Per Picture does not take a lot of time! It is better on that day than asking them in the next months to come for a signed dedication book.

Instant Wedding Dedication Book

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